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Welcome to High Street Garden Supplies

We have over 30 years of experience in garden and building supplies. Our products and services include:

Concrete, Reinforcing Mesh and Bars

We provide a variety of concrete reinforcing solutions for building and garden supplies, including Steel Mesh & Bars, Bar Chairs & Concreting accessories.

Sand, Soil and Stone Supplies

High Street Garden Supplies have been supplying residential, landscaping and commercial customers with quality garden supplies including sand, soil and much more.

Building and Construction

We supply quality guaranteed products for the Australian building, construction, home improvement/renovation & landscaping industries.

Blundstone(Work Boots)

High Street Garden Supplies provides Blundstone's work safety footwear range and other safety accessories used for all sorts of purposes - heavy work or light work.

High Street Garden Supplies
518 High Street
Epping VIC 3076

Building Hardware &

Garden Supplies

  • Garden Soil & Sand
  • Screening
  • Cement Building Supplies
  • Reinforcing Mesh
  • Concrete Colour Sealers
  • Oxide
  • Metal Door Frames
  • Rietmans Concrete Fence Capping Distributor
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